Sunday, 24 June 2012

Halfway through the dirty thirties

Yup that's me.  Today I turned 35.  The thought of getting older doesn't scare me, although I do wish my boobs were a bit higher than they are currently located, but meh - I've had 4 kids out of this body its definitely going to have some damaged parts.

I was a bit down in the days leading up to my birthday, my mum had gone down the coast to visit my aunty and uncle (because my step dad wanted to take a trip away) and I thought it was typical that he would take her away right when its my birthday and it means another year gone that I don't get to see her because the other years I have been in Tasmania and couldn't spend time with her.

But - much to my utter delight - she appeared at my door this arvo - taking me completely by surprise.  Everyone kept it a secret from me.

As someone who normally hates surprises - today was awesome.

And the icing on the cake?  I'm wearing a NIN t-shirt that I couldn't fit into when I was in Tassie.  Losing weight is freakin' awesome man.