Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Another semi-rant from me

Here's my rant for the day.  Its not at all interesting, nor that exciting but needs to be said.

Today I went shopping and parked directly opposite to the trolley bay.  So after I had finished loading my car with my ridiculously expensive groceries - I was taking my trolley back and the person who had parked in front of me had left their trolley in their spot.  Seriously people!?  Its directly opposite where our cars are parked and you can't be fucked walking the 10 metres or so to put it back?!  Can you actually get any more lazy?

I don't understand how we are supposed to teach our children to put their toys away once they have finished playing with them, if adults can't even walk 10 metres and put their fucking trolley away once they have finished with it.

So don't worry Random-Person-Who-Was-Parked-In-Front-Of-Me - I put it away for you so nobody would hit their car when they wanted to go into your abandoned car park.

Rant over.