Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The end

For the last couple of days, Bubbles hasn't had any feeds from me.  I know I'm lucky to get to 23 months of feeding, but I was so wanting to reach 2 years (recommended amount of time by the WHO).

I did better than any of my others - Sparrow was around 3 days before I gave up and went to formula, Coo was formula fed from birth, Speedy was fed both breast milk and formula for the first month and then onto formula.  So I know I've done a wonderful job.  She's never had a drop of formula, its all been from me until she reached one, and then she was having a couple of sippy cups of milk with the other kids, whilst still feeding up to 5 times a day from me.

So its sad that its ended.  I'm pissed off that its only ended because my milk has dried up.  I'm 12 weeks on Friday and I so wanted to go as long as I could to get her to 2 years.  But there is nothing there.

So now instead of feeding to sleep during the day, she'll have a sippy cup of milk and then go to sleep.  And the same of a night time.

Here's a quick reflection upon our time together, its a shame I don't have a photo of her at 23 months having a feed.

From her birth:

Out and about in the freezing Tasmanian winter (it was also raining):

When she was sick:

When it was her birthday:

And when she was a toddler (around 15 months here):

I took this the other week after she had fallen asleep - it was one of the rare feeds that she stayed on for more than 2 seconds like it had been since I had discovered I was pregnant.  I wish I had gotten a pic of her feeding instead of asleep afterwards.

Thanks for the memories Bubbles. Sorry it had to end this way.