Saturday, 3 November 2012

Slides are fun. End of story.

Its been ages since I wrote anything on this blog.  I've been feeling unfulfilled lately with my life, you know, same old stuff, day in and day out.  Dealing with all the whingers in my house - including Elf Man - and sometimes it all gets a bit too much and I get a bit down.

So today I went to the park with the kids (on my own while Elf Man was doing an exam) and I actually had fun.  I saw a person there who was so like what I used to be - sitting on a chair with his face in his phone, while his daughter played by herself.  There was no interaction there whatsoever, and I saw for the first time how other people must of seen me when I was doing that.

So today I got in there with the kids - I climbed up the timber wall hanging onto the chain.  I went down the slide heaps of times and cracked up with the kids about it - and it was actually really fun!!  We were only there for just over an hour but I felt so connected to them all, it was great.

I really need to get out more....for them, and for me.