Monday, 21 May 2012

A not so negative post

Since my last post was somewhat negative, I thought I would come in and say some positive things so people don't think that I hate my family ;)

Sparrow - well what can I say about my little sparrow.  He is SO clever.  His teacher told me on the weekend that he is doing so well with his reading that she will move him up to the next level in the books that he brings home to read every week.  He gets his smarts from me obviously ;)  I also love the way he is so very affectionate towards me - and absolutely loves to have kisses all over his face.  He also adores The Baby, and the bond that they have is a beautiful thing to watch.

Coo - today Coo did a poo in the toilet, instead of the typical one she does in her undies every day.  I'm so very proud of her, even if she thinks it is nothing, and just casually announces she's done a poo in there.  I love the way she is beginning to listen to me and tries to help herself, instead of standing there squealing like she used to do all the time.  She is also starting to be less rough with her siblings during the day, which is most awesome.

Speedy -  ahhh Speedy.  Such a funny little girl, she is brave and independent and wants to give everything a go.  She's the first to try something new to eat and is so very nice to cuddle up to in bed of a night time.  Still very much a baby at 2.5 but tries hard to be a big girl.

The Baby - the one that keeps me up at night, but has the most beautiful spirit.  I still can't believe that I helped create her, she is just amazing and makes me smile every day.  Newly walking, she's proving to be quite a stubborn soul and wants to do everything her way.  She just rocks and I'm so glad that I talked Elf Man into having another baby, even if she wasn't quite what I expected.

Elf Man and I are trying to change our parenting style, we don't like the yelling/screaming thing we currently have going on to try and get them to do what we want, and we are reading books and websites and blogs to help to change this - even though we have been parents for 5 years, we are still learning about the type of parent that we want to be and how best this will benefit our children.

To be the best for our children we have to change ourselves and the way we approach things.  We both need to learn to be more respectful, more tolerant, more accepting.  Its hard, but changing something is better than changing nothing and realising 40 years down the track that you should have changed things when you had the chance.


  1. Blah, yelling did happen here today... I try my hardest not to but oh boy, some days are just too much!

  2. Beautiful post. Love that photo if Kelti, someone awesome must have taken it.

  3. Beautiful hun. You are an awesome mum. You have awesome (and gorgeous) little people. They are awesome (and gorgeous) thanks to you and your DH. Despite what you may think, no-one else has raised them and they are with you and he the majority of the time. They are them because of you both.
    You will be learning how to parent them til the day you die. You shouldn't stop trying to be better, but realise that you are great parents right now too. You have 4 amazing little people who are testament to that.

  4. You guys rock. I love your honesty, and that you are always looking to do better. Good for you (and it's great for your kids!) xoxo

  5. Just reminding you of this :)