Sunday, 18 September 2011

Poppin' my cherry

In blogging world that is.

I'm not sure if this blog will go anywhere, if I will ever publish more than one post, but I suppose you have to start somewhere.

A bit about me - I have 4 kids.  3 animals. Only the 1 husband (but I have an ex-husband if he counts...).  We live in Tasmania, soon to be relocating to Brisbane just before Christmas.  So my children are Sparrow (4.5 years), Coo (3 years), Speedy (nearly 2) and The Baby (nearly 6 months).  They work together as a group to frustrate and entertain me in (almost) equal amounts on a daily basis.  Sometimes more frustration than entertainment, however if I'm in one of my "exhausted beyond belief" moments, I'm usually so giddy with exhaustion that I find everything more amusing that I normally would.  Which is probably good for the kids because those are the days where mummy is slightly crazy and spends most of the day laughing at nothing, tickling, dancing and being stupid,  opposed to the regular days where she's one step away from curling up in a ball and rocking in the corner.

Today I am having a Thermomix demo (I already own a Thermomix and not exactly sure why I'm having a demo but I believe I got talked into it somehow...) so I suppose its time to go prepare the food, clean toilets etc.  Plus Elf Man (my husband) has just asked if he can murder one of the children, so I think that's my cue to come in and ask if he wants another child.........or at least ask him to make me some breakfast!


  1. YAY! now I can comment, and still the first! Good job Mel, just a quick question... Speedy and The Baby are kind of obvious, but how did you get Sparrow, Coo and The Elf Man for nick names? Anything behind it? Also keep providing a link when you blog for a while so that people get used to reading and checking in with you.

  2. Well Jess its kinda stupid, but Kelti is often Kelti Coo, and we say "Comparison" after A's name, which often turns into "Comsparrowson" if I've had to repeat it several times..... Oh and Elf used to be C's nickname cos he's so tall. Makes sense yeah? LOL

  3. Welcome to blogging land ;) Have a great day with your party. At least you know you can't be talked into buying one LOL

  4. Ooh expect a follow from me! I really need to change the names on my blog. It started out that way, but I got lax.

    Cant wait to hear more!