Friday, 30 September 2011

Times they are a changin'....

I know I'm not perfect, I have many flaws, I swear way too much, I drink way too much coffee and of course, I have absolutely no fashion sense.

But things are changing in my house.  This weekend is the last weekend of junk food here.  I tried to just have little bits of "bad" food for when I'm craving it, but let's be honest - once you have a little bit, you crave more.  Then you eat more.  Then you crave more and before you know it - there goes half a block of chocolate in one sitting.

So no more.  From now on my focus will be healthy eating, with some exercise thrown in if the kids will let me....

Another thing that has changed recently - I've left a parenting forum of which I was a member for nearly 4 years. A very active member.  A member who had over 14,000 posts in that time.  I was very addicted, and I admit, it made me a better mother because it opened my eyes to things that I had never thought about before. I don't parent my 4th child the same way I did my 1st.  I know better, so I do better.  However, with this extra knowledge and "friendships" there came a cost.  I ignored my children's needs sometimes. Got angry at them - "for godsake, just let me write this post!" springs to mind.  Did the people on that forum really care if I answered a thread?  Probably not.  Did my kids care that I yelled at them so I could do so?  You bet your arse they would have.

So no more. Its time to cherish my kids the way they should be cherished.  More listening. More dancing.  Less yelling.

And like my friend had on her facebook status one day - "Love your children like they are your own.  Discipline them like they are someone else's."

Its time for change.


  1. nawwww, that sounds like something your best friend would write on facebook xx
    Im sitting down to a bowl of cereal while everyone else has bacon and eggs... Im on the bandwagon with you!

    I promise not to pay you in chocolate anymore...

  2. sugar is bad mmm'k .... check out

  3. It's funny how you feel like you *have* to be there but then when you let go & don't log in it's like meh what was I so worried about....

  4. Its been months since I was on there and to be honest I wish I'd done it sooner! Not because i felt like i was neglecting my kids, but because you get so caught up in it! Now when people talk to me about what is going on there or whatever I laugh because it sounds like they can't decipher reality from the "forum" world. Its all they talk about!!!! Was a little bit weird at first because it becomes such a habit ya know? Sit down with your morning coffee and have a read of new threads or whatever. In regards to excercise, maybe you should just move closer to me and we can go for walks and stuff with the kids?? or maybe one or two nights a week the boys can look after the tribe and we can go for a walk or go to a class or something??

  5. I went on said forum for the first time the other day and here was no post I could add anything to. Miss E is 6 months too, and I've been away probably 5. Dint miss it at all. However, miss my friends I've made! They're on fb or have a blog ;) The in-your-face parenting views really got to me. I don't even think anyone knows I'm gone!