Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Birth - its a choice right?

I was on Facebook the other day, and came across a comment from a random person (random to me anyway!) who said that she didn't understand why anyone would want an elective c-section and if you are too posh to push its crap, you shouldn't be scared.. basically a lot of of bullshit.

Seriously?  I'm bewildered as to why other people's birth choices - with their baby, and with their body - has a direct effect on anyone else?  Does it matter to anyone else that I had an elective c-section?  Like, does it really matter, at the end of your day, how I gave birth to my son.  Nope.  Does not.  So why does it seem like your birth choice is everyone else's business - and its ok to have an opinion about it?

Why does it seem that the government must step in and stop these "unsafe" home births, surely we are grown women, about to bring a helpless human being into the world and who depend upon us for their very livelihood - surely we can be trusted to make the right decision for us on how they come into the world?

Some decisions you live to regret.  Some you live to rejoice in and announce to everyone who will listen that you had a kick arse birth and you love to do it again.

But it shouldn't matter to anyone, random person, government, family members - on how we get these babies earthside, I think the only thing that should matter is that we put these little miracles first, that we promise to take care of them, have their best interests at heart - that we love them, care for them, would die to protect them.

Unfortunately though, as long as people think that their opinion is the one right opinion - some births will never be the right ones.  Whether or not its our right to choose it.


  1. agree too, however, I think the govt has been worried about the homebirth thing cos there have been some babies die in the last few years, and they have had midviwes with the mother who admit that when it got to a point where they should have gone to hospital they didn't act and resulted in baby dying. Yes, mother's will want the best for their baby and can definitely make their own birth decisions, but in the middle of labour there needs to be some system in place to make sure that if it is going wrong there is a safety net to ensure that mother and baby are ok.