Friday, 7 October 2011

Friends vs Family

I have great friends down here in Tassie.  Fantastic friends. Every time I get together with them they make me feel great, there isn't any judgement, no bringing me down - its just awesome. (well, not including the unfortunate incident yesterday when a girl said people who had home births were irresponsible - in front of my best friend who has had 3 home births - helloooo awkward!!)

And in two months - I'm leaving them.  To be closer to my family.  I miss my mum, my brother and his wife, my sister - and my nephews and niece.  My support network.  My children will get to spend time with their nanny, their uncles and aunties, their grandparents.  And that's a good thing, that is one of the biggest reasons for moving back there, so our children will get to know their extended family.

But I know that I'm going to miss my friends.  I'm worried that I'll get to Brisbane and then not have any friends like the ones I have down here.  I have a best friend down here.  I have friends that are like sisters to me.  I have friends who are part of my family now because they are Speedy's godparents.

It scares me that we're going up there and I'll be even more lonely up there than I am down here because even though family means the world to me - I need friends to keep me sane.  Is it right to choose one over the other? I wish I could have both - in the same place, at the same time.

After all - I don't think my mum would ever have a few drinks with me, or have a nice long chat about home birth ;)


  1. Bitch Please... you have ME here... nough' said.

  2. Rofl Kirsty! Was gonna say something similar...but you captured it quite nicely. Love ya Melly!

  3. Me too please! xx

  4. waahhhh *tears*
    wish you didnt have to leave :(

  5. I know why you have to go... but it doesn't make it any easier :(

    But I'll come visit!

  6. Another QLD'er waiting for your return to the Sunny State! One big catch up once you're settled back in? :D

  7. Big catch up will be great! I'm in :P