Saturday, 22 October 2011

6 years today

Today marks 6 years of marriage for Elf Man and myself.  It doesn't seem that long ago really that I was nervously awaiting the arrival of some random guy I met on ICQ at my house.  I remember when he got out of the car, I didn't really know how to hug him because he was so tall!!  My soon-to-be-ex-husband was only 5 foot 4, Elf Man is 6 foot 7, so I was a little intimidated by his height.

He came inside, we shared some beers (classy chick that I am), some pizza and listened to some tunes in my bedroom.  I thought that he was pretty cool because he liked all my music - and I do have some random albums in my collection.  We agreed on a lot of stuff.  We talked a lot, we sort of slipped together like two pieces of a puzzle - and unlike every other relationship - I couldn't think of any reason of why we should break up.

So after a year (and a bit!) we got married.

Of course we don't look like that any more, bit more wearier, a bit more grey, and both about 20kg heavier.

So 2006 was great.  We bought a house.

Inherited two kittens, Jagger and Kruger.

Bought a puppy - Pepper.

Fell pregnant with Sparrow, but didn't find out until after a huge drunken session with workmates.  That's my excuse on his not-so-bright days.

Bought another puppy, Keenan.

Looking back on it now, our first year of marriage was huge.  Then of course, 2007 was the year of our first child, 2008 the year of our second child, 2009 the year of our third child (plus the sale of our home, and our move to tassie), 2010 was the year of buying another house, and 2011 for our final child.

We've had a lot packed into our 6 years of married life, and I wouldn't change a second of it.  We've had our ups and downs, but I'm glad I've found a person who respects me, trusts me, and not only loves me - but likes who I am as a person, even if I'm not sure exactly who I am.

And I feel the same way about him.

Happy anniversary my love.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Elf Man! You certainly have had a very busy 6yrs, here is to lots more of those.
    M x