Sunday, 4 December 2011

The beginning of the end

Today was an awesome day.  Mostly good weather, even managed to get a little sunburnt.  The bbq was great, and I hope that everyone had a good time, I know I did!  Well except for the little panic about a possible pregnancy, but we all know how awesome condoms are for stopping pregnancy from happening, so I'm just gonna go with that one.....

So today there was fantastic food, yummy drinks (hello kahlua!) and lots of laughs and good conversation.

The kids had an awesome day, 3 of them fell asleep on the way home, so there were 3 crying kids over dinner - fun!

Looking at Sparrow before, I can hardly believe that he is about to turn 5.  He hardly looks like he did as a baby, I feel that I've missed so much of his babyhood, because of having so many other kids.  I can barely recognise the baby within him, he has the same spiky hair, blue eyes and dimple - but he looks so different now, its almost like I don't know who this kid is!  Soon he'll have his own family (well not soon soon, but you know!) and one day he'll undoubtedly think of me as that "stupid old woman", and I won't be the number one person in his life any more.

He said to me on the couch earlier... "mum do you know who is the one I love most in this family?... You."

Bet he won't be saying that in 20-30 years time!  I have to remember to cherish these times more, instead of wishing them away, I have to find good stuff even in the bad stuff.

I'll have to remember that in 2 weeks time when spending 3 days with all the kids in the car....

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