Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My inspiration

I'm sure we all have people around us that inspire us.  Tonight, I'm going to blog about mine.

My "person" just lost a lot of weight.  Several dress sizes to be precise.  Her determination and tenacity is damn impressive, and I can't wait till I'm in her company and she can pass on some of her many tricks to help me along in my weight loss journey just that little bit more.

Also - she hasn't just inspired me for weight loss, but she was also my inspiration for my VBAC.  Although I didn't get my VBAC the first time, it was her that inspired me to go for it in the first place.  This beautiful woman had 2 successful VBAC's (and with a private hospital no less ;)) and has always been one of my biggest support people.

I'm so thankful to have someone that is an inspiration to me in my family circle.  Lots of people look up to people like Michael Jordan, or some other sporting hero - and I think its sad that you may think the world of them, but they don't have a bloody clue you even exist.

So thank you Nic, for everything you have done to inspire me, for all your kind words, all your support and your nice warm hugs.

I love you like you are my very own sister, instead of just being related by marriage.  So thank you for blessing our family by marrying my pain in the arse sibling.

(Just kidding Paulie Poo, I love you too!)

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