Saturday, 3 December 2011

Counting down the days

Tomorrow is our big bbq to catch up with all our friends that we know and love before we go.  Probably for most of them, it will be the last time we will ever see them.  I've been quite emotional today, randomly crying at anything, just thinking of having to say goodbye to my friends.  One of them I won't get a chance to catch up with, which is really upsetting for me - I hate not being able to say goodbye to someone that I genuinely care about.

We are so busy and pretty stressed at the moment.  Not just the moving part of it, but the Contract of Sale on the house is pretty stressful, our sale is conditional upon the Buyer's property settling on the same day - which causes me great stress because I know anything can happen.  Plus, not only do we have to pack everything up, but we also have to sand down some walls, then paint them.

It seems incredible that we have such a short space of time to do everything - we leave in 2 weeks!  2 weeks to catch up with friends, family (2 different aunties having bbq's as well), plus looking after the kids, packing, cleaning, painting, and other random things that come with moving!

Plus we have been having a few arguments with family members lately about christmas.  Which is bloody fantastic - not!  I hate arguing, and most of all, I hate friggin arguing about where christmas is going to be held this year.  So we've sorted it out, christmas day at Elf Man's parents house, and then boxing day at my sister's house with my family.

I'm also dealing with The Baby teething at the moment, her first ones have just come through and she isn't sleeping very well (ie, at all!) and then Speedy is pretty sooky at the moment and still being destructive and abusive, Coo is flying off the handle at anything and everything (we're thinking there are some sensory issues going on here, surely a 3 year old isn't this highly strung!?) and Sparrow is so bloody bored at home, all he wants to do is watch tv - and if I try to kick him outside to play, he will wail and scream at the door and try to kick the damn thing down!  All so I could have a "peaceful" cup of tea that afternoon.

I really feel like I have a lot going on in my mind at the moment, I don't feel at peace, I feel all jumbled up.  Like, I was certain that we had received the new cable for Sparrow's Explorer for when we are in the car, I mentally saw it in the paper bag, folded in an 8 figure.  However, when we went looking for it - we couldn't find it.  But I swore that I remember picking it up from the post office, opening the bag, looking in, and putting it aside.  Elf Man said I must of packed it in a box, I had absolutely no memory other than seeing it in the bag - what happened after that was completely blank.

As it turns out - we haven't even received it yet!!  My mind just has too much going through it, too much to think about, too much to deal with - and on 3/4 hours sleep a night, I think I'm starting to go more than just a little bit insane.

So here I am, a little sad, a lot overwhelmed, completely stressed out - and ready to break into tears at any minute.

So watch out tomorrow my lovely friends, you might end up with a soggy shoulder.

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  1. Im happy to wear that soggy shoulder as a badge of pride my friend, for it will mean i have been there to support a friend in need <3