Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Its a weight issue...

Yes I have a weight problem.  I have been working on it, and to my delight - I've lost 4.5kg.  I'm now under that (terrifying) 3 figures for the first time in a LOOOOONG time.

So my "diet" seems to be quite odd to some, but it makes sense to me.  It helps deal with the cravings for crappy food.  And here is how I did it.  I gave up chocolate blocks/bars the first week, then lollies, then chips, chocolate biscuits, so on and so on, and every week I would replace it with something else around here - usually rice crackers, but I have been grabbing more fruit, which is a major improvement for me.  So while I was still having chocolate biscuits, I stopped buying chocolate blocks.  So I didn't feel that I was missing out on anything, and after a while, didn't even crave chocolate, and it became habit to not buy it, rather than always have some in the fridge.

So while my "diet" may be a bit weird, bit odd, a little bit quirky - its certainly working for me.

I was running around with the kids this afternoon, and I was so puffed after a little bit, it was ridiculous.  I was shaking my head at myself, how did I let myself get to this?  I have absolutely no physical fitness, I get out of breath just running after the kids to the bedroom and tickling them.  How can I be a good mother if I can't chase the kids and have a good old tickling session without feeling like I'm going to vomit up a lung?!

Things are a bit hectic now (to say the least!) but once we are in Queensland I know things will be better for us.  Elf Man will be home more (until he starts uni) so we can start going on family walks in the evening, walking our fat little dog, also in need of exercise.  We can take the kids to the beach and throw a frisbee.  Or take them to a basketball court and all have a run around.  Plus with it being so hot, there will be lots of salads and fruit thrown around for meals, instead of me slaving away in the kitchen.

We need to get our health and fitness back so we set a great example for the kids.  I don't want to be a reason why my son gets teased at school (your mumma's so fat......."insert pathetic joke").  I want him to be proud of me and proud to stand up and say "YUP, this is MY mum"... instead of being embarrassed about what size I am.  I don't want him to have to deal with that shit, and I know it happens, kids can be cruel to other kids.

So fingers crossed I can keep this up, cos nobody is gonna do it for me!


  1. So true Melly babe. Yet again you pluck the thoughts out of my mind and write them here :) Congrats on the loss and the changes you're making. Unlike me, you're headed in the right direction.
    Kellie XO

  2. BTW.....woooo freakin hoooo...I figured out how to make a comment (albeit as 'Annonymous')!!!!

  3. I'm with you Mel.....next year is my year! I have 12 months to get my fat ass into gear cause I dont want to be the fat mum dropping JD at school in 2013. I like the way you're doing it and I'm sure I'll be doing it the same way! You're a champ!
    Shayna xoxo