Thursday, 13 September 2012

...and we're off....

My love affair with Facebook and Belly Belly  has to end, so I'm breaking up with them for a little bit.  I've asked for a 3 month ban from BB, its hard to read all the perfect parenting posts and know that you are SO not like that, even though you really wish you had the time and patience to invest in your children like that.

So I made the decision today that I need to go offline again.  And then my decision was supported by the fact that Coo and Speedy got into the euky bear rub and wouldn't tell us where they left the tube - so we were quite angry because we didn't want Bubbles to get her hands on it and eat it or rub it in her eyes.  No amount of begging would get the information out of Coo where they had left the tube, and to say it was frustrating is an understatement.  Both Elf Man and I completely lost our shit at her, even resorting to smacks to try and get her to say where they put it.  Fell on deaf ears, and didn't have any success no matter what we did - so it was up to us to find it.

And what made me even MORE furious was the fact that I was probably dicking around on facebook today while they were doing it.  And if I hadn't of been, it would never of happened in the first place.

So tomorrow I will be stuck on their arses like shit on a stick.  I will know what they are doing at all times, and I won't have to yell and be all crazy mumma like - because things won't just happen.

Wake up and smell the coffee Mel - the kids can't raise themselves, cos they make really bad fucking decisions!

I've taken control of my weight issues (goodbye 25kg!) and now I'm back to take control of my life.  No more hiding online reading about other people's perfect lives and how devoted they are to their children, I'm going to be that person.

Or at least, my definition of a perfect parent.


  1. Other people don't have perfect lives and those "perfect parenting posts"... aren't completely true... so many people do NOT tell of the failure times etc... it only serves us actual "REAL humans" to feel like we are shit parents.

    As for getting into stuff... you could go to the loo and it could happen. So, don't beat yourself up :)

  2. You do know that the ones who talk about how perfect they are are full of shit right? They are just not as brave as you to be honest. Good on you for stepping up to what you see is needed for your family. Just make sure to use some of that time to remember just how many of us look at you and are inspired each day. You rock. Xxxxx

  3. LOL Mel, people who have that much time to tell the world how perfect they are are sitting in front of the computer ignoring their kids!

  4. Mel, no one is perfect remember. I probably look all peachy on FB but I don't post the hair-pulling screaming photos, lol.

    But you have to do what's right and I hope this time away allows you to refocus and feel like you're back on top of things. And we'll all be here waiting to catch up online when you get back.

    But we will have to catch up for real before that xx

  5. I;m hearing ya Melly. It might be what I need to do to pull my finger outta my fat arse....
    BTW, I think you're an awesome mum. And an awesome chickadee. You rock.