Monday, 14 November 2011

Please universe....

....look upon my family with kind eyes tomorrow.  Please let these people coming back for another inspection love our place as much as they did the first time and actually sign a contract of sale.

And please give these people the ability to look beyond the messy floors, the sticky windows and walls with scuff marks.  I haven't had the chance to get that much done today as I would have liked (huge headache, whingy kids, they make another mess as soon as I've cleaned one up...) but I've done my best.  I still have the bathroom to clean and would love to get some windows cleaned - but its 9.30pm, and The Baby is still awake, Sparrow is still awake, so I've probably got no chance of getting it all done.  Not to mention get stuff together for escaping to Selina's in the morning, and shower... another midnight bedtime I would imagine.

Wish us luck - cross your fingers and toes for us!!!  Even though we have a prospective buyer who is trying to raise more money before signing a contract - we would really like a sale now - not in a few months time!

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